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National Camp 2011 - June 4-6 - Wellington

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PDF: Registration notes (PDF, 82k) - please read the registration notes first before filling in the form. Also contains key info from the website, to help you save trees.

PDF: Registration form (PDF, 48k) - download the registration form after reading the notes above.

If your computer can't read these files, download and install a reader. Alternatively, contact the organisers: camp @

Print it, fill it in and post to FDNZ Treasurer, 3 Claire Street, Ngaio, Wellington 6035, New Zealand.

Please complete one form per person.

Registration forms must be received by 27 May.  People who don’t register can attend the camp on a casual basis, paying for each session separately, but we can’t provide them with teas or lunches.

Make cheques payable to Folk Dance New Zealand National Camp or direct credit your remittance to the account number shown on the registration form. Pease do not include membership subscription fees or donations to FDNZ in cheques or electronic payments for camp registration fees.

Fees Explained

Full and Unwaged rates

The full rate is the rate that we need to cover the costs for the camp.  We’re offering a lower rate because we know that the full rate will be too expensive for some people.  It’s up to you which rate you choose to pay.  We expect that many people will pay the full rate, but we won’t ask  questions if you opt to pay the lower rate. 

For people who think the full rate is still absurdly good value, we’ve left a space for you to add a donation.  We’ll use these donations to off-set the lower rate paid by some. The donation portion will be tax-deductible.

Observer rate

For people who want to observe but not join in the workshops, there is an attendance charge of $5 per day to cover the cost of morning and afternoon teas. Lunch will need to be ordered separately.

Child discount for evening socials

If two adults come to an evening dance with more than one child, they only have to pay for one child – the others come free.

Refund Policy

We will give you a full refund if you ask for it before 30 April 2011.  If you ask for it after that but before 27 May, we’ll give you a 50% refund.  After that – sorry, no refunds.

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