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National Camp 2011 - June 4-6 - Wellington

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Dance Tutors

Aleks portrait (3k)

Bulgarian Dancing with Aleksandar Zankin

Learn from an award-winning master of Bulgarian dance, whose resumé includes over thirty years dancing, choreographing and directing in Bulgaria before moving to U.S.A., where he now teaches character dance at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. See Aleks's profile for more on his fascinating story!

Aleks has that special quality of bringing dancers up to a higher level, assuring them that they can do whatever it is that he wants them to do, and it becomes a win-win situation for both teacher and students. Aleksandar is a 60-year-old man with the energy and passion of a 20-year old who can inspire other 50-70 year-olds to dance joyfully until they practically drop.

Sessions will be graded moderate and advanced, allowing participants to choose their own level. A revision session on Monday will give you a chance to fill in any gaps. Check out the programme for workshop times.

Kate Grace - click to enlarge (72k)

French Dancing with Kate Grace

Learn from someone who grew up in France with dance always there behind the scenes, whose roots come from a mother born in Morocco and a father from the mountainous regions of the East of France. See Kate's profile for more about her interesting and varied life.

Kate will teach three sessions, including two of new repertoire and one preparing for the Bal Français and concert led by Kate and her friends on Sunday evening.

Poi with Hine Poa

We're extremely fortunate to have Hine coming to teach us some poi! Learn how to make your own poi. Groups will learn either a single short poi or a long poi. These will be done to simple short waiata.

Hine has been a teacher of Maori language for more than 40 years and has tutored and performed with many kapa haka groups. She has taught all sorts - from pre-school children to seniors - and has been involved in regional and national competitions and in performances locally and overseas - including at the opening of the Sydney Opera House.

Please see Hine's page for more detail and what to bring.

Other Workshops


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