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National Festival - Hamilton - 5 to 7 June 2010

Eve Blair

Eve Blair

Eve has danced for almost as long as she has walked, starting with ballet taught by her mother. She has over thirty years experience teaching adults and children international folk dance in Perth. Eve discovered International Folk Dance while working in Louisiana in the 1970s.  Her Australian husband warned her that such folk dancing was not practiced in his hometown of Perth, so before leaving the US, they collected as much material as they could digest - and some that they could not.

It was a lonely beginning in the world's most isolated city, but with the optimism and energy of youth, dance teachers visiting Sydney and Adelaide were waylaid in Perth en route to more lucrative destinations and Eve obtained travel grants to attend dance workshops in Bulgaria and Macedonia and attached a dance schedule to work related trips to California and China, always with a view to expanding her repertoire.

The Perth International Dancers are now a well established group which can call on four home grown teachers in addition to Eve, locally available specialists in Israeli and in French dance and regular visiting dance teachers, generating a wide repertoire of dances from Scotland to the Middle East.

Eve Blair (7k)
Eve Blair


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