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National Festival - Hamilton - 5 to 7 June 2010

Palenque Blair

Palenque Blair

Palenque [‘pal-en-kay’] was brought up on international folk dance music and dance, thanks to mum Eve and regular attendance at dance evenings until she started school. She has been an active member of the Perth International Dancers since her early teens. She has twelve years experience in dance teaching and choreography of folk dance performances for community events. Palenque graduated from Folk Dance Australia’s Recreational Dance Teacher Training Course in 2002.

Palenque loves the variety of music and dance styles represented by international folk dance. She visited Bulgaria and Romania in late 2002 to collect dance material and experience the rich cultures first hand. She has also attended workshops in France and Germany and recently in Hungarian, Macedonian and Pontian dance with Australian ethnic communities. Palenque discovered the joys of dancing to live music while living in Paris as a student, with weekly French folk dancing to live music. Since then she has fostered collaboration with several Perth bands, including the Last Five Coins and The Flying Carpathians.

Palenque Blair (6k)
Palenque Blair


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