Polish Dance in Wellington

Lublin Dance Group (16k) 
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Lublin And Obertas Polish Dance DVD

This year, Lublin Dance Company (Wellington) and the Obertas Polish Folkloric Ensemble (Brisbane) presented their joint 30th Anniversary Polish Folk Dance Concerts in Wellington and Auckland.

The Wellington concert is now available on DVD.

With special guests, the Orlęta Polish Dance Ensemble (Wellington), experience Poland’s rich folkloric culture, through its music, song and dance in this two-hour spectacular.

The concerts featured over 50 dancers performing traditional Polish national and regional dances:

… The mountaineer battle dances of Highlanders from the Tatry Mountains…..

… Lively and humorous songs and dances that represent peasant life, nuptial and harvest ceremonies and other Polish customs and beliefs….

… The graceful Polonez, the vivacious Mazur, the lively Oberek, the romantic Kujawiak, and the majestic Krakowiak…

Performed with passion and exuberance in traditional colourful costumes.

The Te Papa Concert DVD (Sunday, 4 December 2011) is a 2 DVD set and the cost is $35 per set.

For ordering and payment terms, please email Leszek Lendnal at leszek.lendnal@gmail.com stating the number of DVDs you would like to order, and your address. (Telephone enquiries: mob. 021 383 958)

See unofficial photos of the concert here

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Lublin Dance Company Group Photo (30k)
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