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Cutting the cake

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Mountain Rhythms, April 2018

Showcase of teaching talent by New Zealand folk dance experts. We danced in (not on) the bar at Out In The Styx, and learned dances from Portugal, Scotland, Crete, Greece, Romania, and elsewhere. We finished off with coffee at Rhubarb and a walk on a swing bridge. Fun!

Dance class

Mountain Rhythms, April 2018


Kyriakos Greek Dance Workshop, April 2017

Dance promoter and teacher Kyriakos Moisidis visited Auckland on 1 April, 2017. The following day, further dances were taught by resident New Zealand teachers. Altogether a fantastic weekend! See the review in the 2017 Folkdancers' Own magazine.


Greek Dance workshops with Kyriakos, April 2017

Rhythm & Grapevines, September 2016

A fun weekend with a full menu of folk dances from around the world held in Gisborne, 23-25 September, 2016. Choose from the galleries below. See the review in the 2017 Folkdancers' Own magazine.

Dancers in bar

Dancing at The White House - Friday Night

Folk dancers

Saturday Workshop and Evening Social with scratch band Gisborne Fire

Candle dance

Tairawhiti Filipino Society performing a candle dance at the Saturday social

Dancers in bar

Sunday Morning at The White House

Winter Winter WarmUp, August 2015

A dance party brought together 15 performing groups, who showed dances and invited the audience to join in. The event was the annual Winter WarmUp - held 8 August, 2015 at Danish House, Auckland. Click/tap the image to go to the gallery.


Past Years Gallery

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AMS Party, 11 June 2011

"We had a great time at the AMS ceilidh last night. Over 60 people gathered, and we enjoyed a varied Anglo-Celtic romp with the Gaidhealtachd band, performance dancing and joining in with Bulgarian Roses, a brilliant exposition of fast syncopated Irish fiddle playing by Alasdair Robertson, and good company, besides a yummy supper." - Rae Storey


Dancers at the AMS ceildh
Photo: Nikolay Kabzamalov (neweldesign.com)

Folk Dance Camp, 4-6 June 2011

Workshops spanned the world, with tutors from Aotearoa, Bulgaria and France. Evening socials included Contra dancing from America, French community dance in the form of a bal, and a spectacular performance by Polish group Lublin.

For more great shots, go to FDNZ National Camp 2011 gallery by Michael Edge-Perkins of syncretism associates.

Group doing French dance

French dance at the Bal
Photo: Michael Edge-Perkins
hi-res version

Lublin couple

Polish group Lublin performing
Photo: Michael Edge-Perkins
hi-res version

Lublin couple

Polish group Lublin performing
Photo: Michael Edge-Perkins
hi-res version

Sonia and Antoinette

How does this one go?
Photo: Michael Edge-Perkins
hi-res version

Aleksandar Zankin

Aleksandar Zankin teaching Bulgarian dances
Photo: Kieron HH
hi-res (275k)

French Dancing at the Indigo Festival, March 2010

In March 2010 Hamilton hosted the Indigo Festival - a festival of cultures - where diverse ethnic groups participated in a week-long exploration of culture, language and performance.  Dance Folkus was asked by the Hamilton Alliance Française society to represent them with a bracket of French dances at the final cultural event.

Musicians and singers (257k)

Musicians and singers
Photo: Ron Smith

Dancers (707k)

Photo: Ron Smith

Stage and audience (326k)

Stage and audience
Photo: Ron Smith

See also:

Folk Dance Camp, 5-8 February 2009

An action-packed weekend of workshops, evening parties, networking and fun. Guest tutor was the lovely gentlewoman Maggie O’Regan brought us a lovely selection of international dances - mainly Russian, but also Ukrainian, Tibetan Chinese, Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Turkish and Romanian. See articles starting on page 5 of Folkdancers' Own, December 2009 (PDF, 1.5M).

Sonya Arabadzhieva

Sonya Arabadzhieva at FDNZ National Camp 2009
Photo: Rae Storey
hi-res (389k)

Alastair Sinton leading dances at the 2009 FDNZ National Camp

Alastair Sinton leading dances at the 2009 FDNZ National Camp
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (540k)

FDNZ Camp, February 2009 group shot

Group photo at the Saturday evening dance/party, including Footspa members in the background
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (434k)

Farandol 30th group shot

Farandol 30th birthday group shot
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (med: 610k)
hi-res (large: 5M)

Maggie O'Regan leads dances in Christchurch, February 2009

Maggie O'Regan leading others, including Katy Sinton and Rae Storey, in one of the dances she taught earlier in the day
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (466k)

Sonya and Tina Arabadzhieva

Sonya and her daughter, Tina, in traditional costume
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (527k)

Two cakes!

Photo: Cleone Cawood

People just having fun...

Costumes (56k)

Cleone and Jean proudly show their costumes after a trip to the Czech Republic

Rae Storey - birthday

Rae Storey (past President) celebrates a special birthday

Kate Goodwin, Alastair Sinton and other folks having fun

Kate and Alastair try out Cacak - holding the belt in the traditional style adds to the challenge

Fiona Murdoch and Chrissy in Hamilton

Fiona and Chrissy at a workshop in Hamilton

Athena Dancing Group

Athena group from Tauranga at the FDNZ Festival, June 2006
Photo: Alan Oldale

Athena Dancing Group

Athena group from Tauranga in 2009

FDNZ National Camp 2006

General dancing at the 2006 national camp
Photo: Alan Oldale
hi-res (291k)

Hawkes Bay International Dancing Group

Hawke's Bay International Dancing Group 25-year celebration
Photo: Elaine Prakash
hi-res (668k)

Ruth Ames and group

Ruth and her group performing


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