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New Wave Folk Dancing - Fun in Many Cultures

Resource sets for all ages from 3 years to 93. 

The popular New Wave Folkdancing resources have been upgraded, expanded, and re-published as a digital resource distributed on USB flashdrive.

100 dances are presented in 4 age-related albums. Each album comprises a folder of freshly filmed videos, a folder of the music, and a pdf book of the dance instructions, teaching tips, and fascinating background information.

A wrap-around historical study is also in preparation, and will be available free to users of the NWFD resources and interested folk dancers.

See Rae's New Wave page ... contact Rae Storey, ph. (09)5249504, e-mail

DANZ Educational Resources

If you are a school teacher looking for dance resources to support curriculum work DANZ now has a list of teaching resources, and suppliers, on the DANZ website.

Go to DANZ website.


Sit Dancing International is a dance programme based on traditional folk dances and music from around the world that have been adapted and/or transformed to enable people of all ages and (dis-) abilities to enjoy dancing while sitting down and/or standing. The programme provides physical fitness, muscle toning, coordination, relaxation, fun, and opportunities for self-expression, social interaction, and emotional release.

Sit Dancing International was developed by Marcel Baaijens (MSc, M.A.A.E.) and first introduced in New Zealand in 1988. It is still used today in new Zealand, Australia and The Netherlands. Marcel Baaijens is a professional dance tutor, choreographer, artist/videographer and art facilitator.

Sit­Dancing by Marcel Baaijens: go to sit-dancing.blogspot.com.

After the session one 95 year old woman came up to me and said "I have never seen so many people smile at any given time as today, and I have been here for 5 years."

[Folk dance] is hard to resist, as it stirs emotions and this stirring becomes and an internal motivation to move, as little as the tapping of toes or clapping of hands. Being able to participate in a dance at a simple but appropriate level can provide people with much needed self-esteem. Folk dancing is a social activity, and promotes interaction.

Folk Dance Problem Solvers

from the Society of Folk Dance Historians, USA

The FDNZ Library includes a full set of Folk Dance Problem Solvers. These are a series of booklets published annually since 1987 that give notations for many international folk dances, and often including their history and other interesting information. The booklets are published by Ron Houston at the Society of Folk Dance Historians in the U.S.

To find out what is in the booklets you can download the cumulative contents pages [SoFDH_cumul_index.pdf, 7 pages, 340 Kbytes].

Loans from the FDNZ library are only available to FDNZ members. Find out how here.

Others who are interested may purchase copies of the Problem Solvers from Ron Houston directly [e-mail fdhist at yahoo.com].

Folk Dance Scene

The International Dancing Group Library holds most copies of “Folk Dance Scene” from the September 1989 issue to December 1997. Scene back issues of from 1965 to present day are now available online at www.socalfolkdance.org/scene/ and I recommend them to tutors as a way to enhance knowledge about cultural dance styles being taught. I have noted the main theme or topic for each issue I hold and offer the list (link) to aid use of this resource.

See our Folk Dance Scene page for more.

Resources for Events Organisers, Fund Raising and Teaching

If you'd like your folk dance or ethnic cultural event to be listed in our events page, contact the editor:

A bunch of hot tips circulated by the Wellington City Council are reproduced here...

Wellington Courses for Events Organisers

Wellington City Council logoFrom time to time the Wellington City Council runs training courses for community groups on organising community programmes and events.

Get Set Go materials are available on-line at: Community Event Training Workshops

Community Law Centre logoThe Wellington Community Law Centre runs legal courses for community groups:
PO Box 24-005, L2, 84 Willis St, Wellington

Running a Club in NZ

Charities website :


If you're planning to incorporate your club or society, all the information you need is at:


Other Dance-related Resources

Magazines and Periodicals

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