Hot tips for Wellington events organisers


Check out the Wellington City Council updated equipment directory of free and cheap equipment for community programmes and events at: wellington.govt.nz/services/eventplnsup/equiptdir/equiptdir.html

Liability/Health and Safety

Concerned about liability when running a programme or event? SPARC (Sport and Recreation NZ) have a web-page you may find useful: sparc.org.nz/research/pdfs/liability.pdf

Funding database

Generosity NZ is a searchable on-line database, paid by the hour or annually: fis.org.nz/sparc/

Companies Assisting With Fund-raising

exult.co.nz - an inspiring, informative and grass roots approach to fundraising.  Packed with fantastic insights and ideas.

foresee.co.nz - a company dedicated to sponsorship and fundraising enterprises. 


Wellington Access Radio is a community radio station which offers Wellingtonians the chance to make their own radio programmes and a free community notice board to community groups. They also have a weekly one hour arts programme. If you or your group would like to publicise an artistic endeavour they are happy to arrange an interview. Contact Veronica Allum on veronicawa@accessradio.org.nz, ph: (04)385-7210, Wellington Access Radio 783 AM.

I hope all your plans for running programmes and events are going smoothly. If not, call me, and I may be able to help.

Good luck!

Esther Bukholt, Community Recreation Advisor, Wellington City Council, PO Box 2199, Wellington

ph: 801 4144, fax: 801 3635, Esther.Bukholt @ wcc.govt.nz

Community Event Training Workshops

Training for community groups on organising community programmes and events. Community Event Training Workshops

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