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Fiona Murdoch


Treasurer, Membership


Michele Dickson


Editor, Web Master

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Kieron Horide-Hobley

Folkdance New Zealand (FDNZ):
general enquiries
Lynnaire Nugent
Rae Storey (09)524-9504

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Regional Contacts

South Island - Canterbury Volker Kuhlmann (Christchurch)
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South Island - Otago, Southland

Kate Grace info@frenchdancing.co.nz

Wellington, Wairarapa & Kapiti Kieron Horide-Hobley (Wellington)
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Hawke's Bay & Poverty Bay

Cleone Cawood (Havelock North)
ccawood @ xtra.co.nz

Taranaki Corry and Leonard Krook (New Plymouth)


Fiona Murdoch (Hamilton)
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  Raymond Matson (Hamilton) (07)855-7829 
Auckland & Northland Rae Storey (Auckland)
  Bronwen Arlington (Auckland) (09)571-0203 

Additionally, we have the following contacts for other communities:

Rotorua Welsh Community Jeannie Wyn Williams
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Auckland Welsh Community Derek/Louise Williams
louiseawil @ gmail.com
Auckland Dutch Dancers Jose Harris
Dalmatian Cultural Society (Auckland) Cultural Committee, P.O.Box 8479, Symonds Street, Auckland. Tel/Fax (09)379-7680
Folklore Chileno Latino (Auckland)

Ana-Maria e-mail:


Last updated 2 December, 2017

Other Dance Styles

For contacts for other dance styles, folk clubs, etc. please go to the Links page or visit the Go Dancing! page for your region.

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See Contacts page for Folk Dance New Zealand contact details.

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