Terms & Conditions for Advertising In Folkdancers' Own

FDNZ policy allows advertisements in the official newsletter Folkdancers' Own, subject to committee approval and editorial discretion.

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General terms

Class 1: Directly related content

(a) Members and non-profit organizations may advertise services, products or other content directly related to folkloric, cultural or ethnic dance or other folk arts occurring in New Zealand. Advertising charges may be reduced or waived at the discretion of the Folk Dance New Zealand committee.

(b) Non-members and commercial organisations may advertize directly related content, but advertising charges will be at a standard rate.

Class 2: Unrelated content

Non-members and commercial organizations may advertise in areas unrelated to folk arts or ethnic culture, provided that the content is neutral or positive towards the objects, aims and policies of Folk Dance New Zealand. Advertising charges will be negotiable, likely to be set at a sponsor level.

Advertising of non-dance non-cultural non-folk products or services by members and non-profit organisations may qualify for a reduction or waiver of charge depending on the nature and purpose of the advertisement, and its relevance to members.

General Conditions

At FDNZ's discretion a link might be provided from the FDNZ website where it fits with existing content. Advertisers will indemnify FDNZ and its members against any actions or liabilities resulting from advertising content.

About Folkdancers' Own

Published twice a year (irregularly) in A4 booklet format, circulation is approximately 80 with readership between 100 and 120. The audience includes recreational international folkdancers, cultural groups, performance groups, musicians and general dancers.

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