FDNZ Round-Robin: periodicals for the cost of postage

The FDNZ Library currently receives various categories of material that are circulated to members by a round-robin system.

Members can join any or all of the categories by contacting the editor,

The only rule is that you must pass the material on to the next person on the round-robin list within 7 days of when you receive it. The material is distributed in A4 envelopes, so postage is 90 cents.

1. Footnotes (Folk Dance Australia)

Footnotes newsletter (bi-monthly) - now received via e-mail

2. Society of Folk Dance Historians (USA)

Report to Members (quarterly)
Directory (annual)
Folk Dance Problem Solvers (annual)

The Folk Dance Problem Solvers from the Society of Folk Dance Historians (click for more info) are also available independently of the round-robin.

Go to sofdh.us for more about SOFDH.

3. National Folk Organisation (USA)

Newsletter (quarterly)
Directory (annual)


Other publications you can sign up for on-line

We are no longer distributing material from DANZ in the FDNZ round-robin.  This is because all the DANZ material we used to receive is now freely available on the web.  You can access the DANZ diary, updated monthly, at:


You may also receive a monthly email "alert" from DANZ that highlights items in the DANZ Diary, as well as giving some other news. Sign up for this email alert yourself on their site.


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