One of the benefits of membership is the option to set up your own group's website with its own address within the folkdance.nz domain. This is called a "sub-domain".

You can then place on your website content that is additional to any listings in the Classes and Events sections of folkdance.nz.

There are some conditions. Those for non-profit organisations, events and classes are listed below. Contact the webmaster for more information:
If unable to click on it, please type into your e-mail

Note: If you're not on the webmaster's junk filter white list, you might get a message requesting to confirm your e-mail. This does not mean the address isn't working. If you do get one, just click 'reply' on it and 'send'.

Requests by businesses may be considered, but will be subject to committee approval. For commercial terms and conditions contact the webmaster.

Non-profit organisations, folkloric dance classes and events

For examples, look at ruritanians.folkdance.nz and farandol.folkdance.nz. Conditions:

  • You or your group must be a member of Folk Dance New Zealand. Click here for a membership form! (Tip: print 2-sided, flip on short edge)
  • The content must pertain to folkloric, cultural or ethnic dance occurring in New Zealand.
  • You are responsible for the content, i.e. what it says, supplying photos / graphics, etc.
  • You are responsible for its promotion. However, a link will be provided from the FDNZ website where it fits with existing content.
  • You have a couple of options for design, construction and maintenance of the website:
    1. You take full responsibility for design, construction and maintenance.
    2. FDNZ volunteers might be able to construct and/or maintain your website if it is a few simple pages, you know what is to go on each, you're prepared for service "as time permits", and it has no scripting*. Money to help pay for development machines and software would be greatly appreciated.
  • You have a couple of options for hosting and technical support of the website:
    1. You arrange hosting on a server with a fixed IP address unique to the website.
    2. FDNZ can host the website if you're prepared for service "as time permits", with no scripting support*, stays within certain space and volume constraints, and it is strictly not-for-profit. Money to help pay for server equipment and software would be greatly appreciated, as this is donated by a member.
  • The domain and sub-domain names remain the property of FDNZ.
  • FDNZ reserves the right to decline or withdraw service without giving a reason.
  • You will be responsible for paying any costs incurred by FDNZ for domain name set-up and maintenance, and any of the above services requested by you.
  • You will indemnify FDNZ and its members against any actions resulting from content on your website.

* At this point in time, support for server-side scripting is not available. Therefore feedback forms, databases, etc. are currently excluded.


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